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Part of the Conero Mountain Park, the town of Numana is known for its beautiful trails and parks. However, tourists often visit the beach and the port located right next to the beach. The port can hold up to 800 small fishing vessels and the beach has fine gravel sand with an afternoon shade from the hills of the park. The center of village has a variety of landmarks and among them is the tower with unknown origin although archeologists and historians have reasons to believe that the tower was from the Middle Ages. Near the tower is the Sanctuary of the Crucifix built by Saints Luca and Nicodemo. The story goes that the Cross disappeared and miraculously appeared when the saints were tortured. Theres also the Antiquarium that displays the archeological remains of the ancient town.When you stay there for the weekend, Numana will give you a scenic view of the village and its beach. The hotels in Numana are rather small but the accommodations are excellent. Most of the Numana hotels are found near the beaches and ports where the night is lively. In planning your stay in Numana, cheap hotels should be part of your plan if you want to stay longer. In, not only will you get discount hotels, Numana travel packages are also available.