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Senegallia, once home to one of Italys largest fairs, has a population of around 45,000. The Romans developed it as their first Adriatic coastal community. The town, however, underwent major redevelopment and destruction throughout the years. Fortunately, if you stay a weekend, Senegallia can introduce you to its many historical structures. These include the ancient Archelogical area the Fenice, the old defensive structure, Rocca Roverasca and the modern neo-classical Foro Annonario built by Senigalliese architect, Peter Ghirelli in 1834. Visit these and other attractions as you stay in any of the many hotels in Senegallia. Leave the Senegallia hotels behind, however, for a short jaunt to the Convent and Church of S. Maria delle Grazie on the outskirts of town. You can also stroll around the massive towers of the Baccio Pontelli. Make sure you arrange your stay to suit your pocketbook. Register with for the best in Senegallia cheap hotels or discount hotels. Senegallia will then show you its historic museums in the Palazzo Masta, the history museum in the Sergio Anselm, the Pinacoteca of Sacred Art in the Diocesana or the Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography.