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The city of Arnad, Italy is a very small town and commune in the northern portion of the country. It is located within the Aosta Valley. This mountainous region, which extends throughout the northwestern portion of the country, is a popular destination for those who love to ski, though only small areas may be in use as such. This area of Italy is the least populous due to this rough terrain. If you are planning to come to the city, check out some of the discount hotels in Arnad, Italy available to you on that travel here come during the summer months to enjoy the beautiful views and ideal hiking trails into the mountains. The winter months can be treacherous, but there are still winter sports that are popular including skiing and snowboarding. The small city, with a population of under 1300 people, does offer a center Market Square, which is an ideal place to visit a café or to shop. Visitors will find cheap hotels in Arnad, Italy to stay at.