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In the northwestern region of Italy in the Aosta Valley region, the tiny village of Bard has just 135 inhabitants. It sits in a deep gorge in the valley where archaeological findings have proven that the location has been occupied since the Neolithic period. If you would like to get a good view of the village and the surrounding area, take a trip from your discount Bard hotel to Fort Bard. It sits on a rocky point above the town and was built by the House of Savoy in the 19th century. Don't worry - there is a funicular to take you to the top. Although it was neglected for a long time, the fort now serves as the location for the Museum of the Alps as well as for art and theater performances. Ask the staff at your budget hotel in Bard for some more information.The location of the village means that it had to be built around the rocky terrain. There are numerous small streets that twist and turn, which combine with the 16th century buildings to create a very charming effect. Two particularly interesting historic structures are the Bishop's House and the House of Meridiana. There is also a medieval bridge still in use in the village, medieval stairs to help you make your way up from street to street, and a unique tower house that is built across one of the roads with a pass through underneath.