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There is a group of 10 towns in Aosta in northwest Italy that have grouped together in an organization called the Comunita Montana Mont Emilius. The point of the group is to help develop tourism in the region while still protecting the natural environment. One of these towns is Charvensod, a small town of about 2,500 inhabitants. When you are hoping to book a budget hotel in Charvensod, you should know that you don't have to look only there. You can book a cheap Charvensod hotel or one in Aosta and you will be in the same general location.One of the most interesting aspects of visiting Charvensod and the Aosta region is that you are so close to the French border. Almost half of the residents are native French speakers, so if you speak French you can practice it without leaving Italy. There are wonderful Roman ruins in the area, particularly around Aosta. See the Roman theater, the Roman forum, the triumphal arch of Augustus, as well as aqueducts and Roman roads. Also see the 4th century cathedral that has an 11th century edifice.