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The best of all worlds can be found in this beautiful corner of Sardinia. Begin a fabulous trip by booking budget hotels near Cogne in Aosta, Italy. From here visitors can explore the entire Aosta area. The Parco Nazionale del Gran Paaradiso, (Grand Paradise National Park), is one of the most popular destinations in all of Aosta. This huge wildlife reserve is open for hiking and climbing year round. In the town of Cogne are many ancient ruins and sights. The Arnad is a castle on the river Dora. It is now in ruins but portions of its exterior and interior spaces dating from 1480 still exist.Booking discount hotels in Aosta, Italy near Cogne allows visitors easy access to the town of Aosta. This quaint town is surrounded by ancient walls. Regal gates allow entrance. One gate, the Porta Praetoria, is a relic from medieval times. It is open every day for tours. Just down from the gate are ruins from the Roman Theater, the Teatro Romano. Visitors can see a four story high wall that originally joined the stage.