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    Courmayeur is a city located in northern Italy in the Aosta Valley. If you travel to this city many people choose to stay for a week or even a weekend. Courmayeur is considered to be one of the most popular and famous places to ski in Europe. When staying in Courmayer hotels travelers will enjoy pleasant, comfortable accommodations that will most certainly enhance their experience. There are many hotels in Courmayer. If you want to travel frugally, you can look for Courmayer cheap hotels that offer incredible savings to travelers. Search for the discount hotels Courmayer offers guests by using in Courmayer you will want to see Mont Blanc, a mountain that is known for being the highest in Europe. For a day of great water sports, take a trip to Monte Bianco. Take time to appreciate the river Dora Baltea a body of water that flows powerfully through the valley of Mont Blanc. If you are ready to ski, visit Dolonne a small nearby village.