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      A visit to Courmayeur provides visitors with a chance to see Monte Bianco, Europes highest peak. The town is the countrys oldest ski resorts. The old center features cobblestone streets and slanted rooftops. In the center of Courmayeur, is the Parish Church of St. Panteleone. It dates from 1722. The masons came from Valsesia. The tower is of an earlier period. It is 11th to 12th century although the cusp is 14th to 15th century. Courmayeur is also home to a Botanical Garden, the Saussurea in the Pavillion du Mont Fréty. You can also visit the Museum on a History of Alpinism in the Valle dApsta. The Duke of Abrazzi Museum in the Casa Guide di Courmayeur covers every aspect of the subject.