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If youd like to spend some time in a medieval style town while in Italy and can spare a weekend, Anghiari can offer great accommodations and a number of interesting sights. Anghiari hotels are located in the heart of the city between the Tiber River and Arno River, making for a fabulously beautiful location. Hotels in Anghiari are still surrounded by the 13th century walls that were built to create the invincible fortress that the city used to be. The area is surrounded by castles and churches left over from the days of warfare, making for great tourist sights.If you want to find discount hotels, Anghiari isnt overrun with them, but a look at a travel service company with access to great accommodations at prices you can afford may help you find the Anghiari cheap hotels you desire. When you pay a visit to Anghiari, be sure to stop into the High Tiber Valley natural amphitheatre, which makes a fabulous location to hold large events.