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    Bibbiena is a town located in the province of Arezzo, in the Northern Italian region of Tuscany. Bibbiena was once a famous center for the production of the Panno Casentino, a particularly resistant yet comfortable fabric. Today the Panno Casentino is used by famous stylists like Roberto Cavalli or Pierre Cardin. One of the most interesting attractions of Bibbiena is the Theater, Scene Design and Costumes Museum; the museum was created recently, in 2005, and each of its many sections deals with the history of a particular type of theater, including Greek Theater, Roman Theater, Renaissance Theater, until Modern Theater. A few miles from the center of Bibbiena you can visit Serravalle, a mountain fortification, complete with a medieval tower.If you like spending some time in touch with nature, visit the Fattoria Marena; this old farm is managed by a local family who welcomes guests from everywhere. At the Fattoria Marena you will be able to experience life in the Tuscan countryside. If youre looking for something off the beaten tourist track for a weekend, Bibbiena could be the place for you. Visit to check out the discount hotels Bibbiena may offer; if not in Bibbiena, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are a number of different hotels in Bibbiena and in nearby towns, so read up on Bibbiena hotels before booking.