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Castelfranco di Sopra is found in the province of Arezzo in the Northern Italian region of Tuscany. Once you enter Castelfranco di Sopra, you will be immediately welcomed by the Arnolfo Tower, a spectacular tower built in the 1500s by Arnolfo di Cambio, a very talented artist who with his sculptures and paintings enriched many cities such as Florence and Siena. Another astonishing construction that you should check out when visiting Castelfranco di Sopra is the Baddia di San Salvatore a Soffena, a monastery built sometime before 1014; the monastery is adorned with beautiful frescos of Neri di Bicci, Paolo Schiavo and lo Scheggia, brother of the artist Masaccio.Castelfranco di Sopra is very well known for its famous municipal theater, called the Wanda Capodaglio Theater; the name comes from the actress who spent the last years of her life in Castelfranco di Sopra; the theater was destroyed during WW II, but it was fully restored in the seventies and today is completely functional. If you want a place to spend a relaxing and interesting weekend, Castelfranco di Sopra may be the place youre looking for. will show you how many discount hotels Castelfranco di Sopra has to offer; if not in Castelfranco di Sopra, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are different types of Castelfranco di Sopra hotels, so check the Internet to find info on hotels in Castelfranco di Sopra and choose your favorite.