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If youve never been to Italy, you should plan to spend some time in Cavriglia hotels. If you can spare a weekend, Cavriglia is in the Chianti Mountains, the region where some of the worlds most famous wines are produced. From discount hotels, Cavriglia vineyards and wineries are easily accessible for touring. Hotels in Cavriglia also offer guests the opportunity to visit the Natural Park of Cavriglia, the Antica Pieve (ancient parish), and the Pieve di San Pancrazio.Cavriglia cheap hotels are available most of the year but are filled quickly during the Snail Festival, which is held in Cavriglia every April 21st. can help you book a location to stay during this big event if you plan ahead and contact us early. Other exciting sights to see include the Convento di Montecarlo and other historical religious architectural structures. Spend time in Cavriglia playing tennis, trekking, mountain biking, and riding through the Tuscan countryside.