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      Cortona is a city that is known for its focus on spirituality, history and the arts. It is a beautiful city many people visit for a week and even a weekend. Cortona is truly a city that will offer you a rich look at the past. Cortona hotels offer all the comforts, accommodations and amenities that any visitor will need during their stay. The hotels in Cortona will enhance your enjoyment of your trip. And, for those who are frugal, there are many Cortona cheap hotels that will offer travelers great savings. You can find the discount hotels Cortona offers easily by utilizing city of Cortona has a fantastic view of the Appenines and Lake Trasimeno. The Gardens of Tuscany is a beautiful attraction to see. Panzano is a nearby attraction that is a hill town. The Festa della Stagion Bona takes place on Liberation Day which is the 25th of April. It is a medieval parade that attracts people from all around the world.