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        Monte San Savino Details

        Monte San Savino is a town with a very interesting history. Tourists staying in hotels in Monte San Savino are sure to hear the story of how the town was built as a gift to Pope Julius III by the Medici to ensure good favor. In fact, many Monte San Savino hotels still boast much of the artwork use to improve the towns appearance by many famous artists. If you are only staying the weekend, Monte San Savino Church and Monte San Savino Palace are the two sights you cant miss. If you plan to be in town longer, trek over to the National Museum of Etruscan Archaeology. If you hit town in July or August, you may have the privilege of attending the Palio Horse Races, an annual bareback riding event.Unfortunately, if you are looking for discount hotels, Monte San Savino is highly unlikely to have the best variety, though many nearby areas can accommodate. Also,, the best place to look for all your accommodations in Italy, may be able to help you find a few Monte San Savino cheap hotels.