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      Situated in the Arezzo province, in the Tuscany area, Montevarchi is located on the left bank of the upper portion of the Arnotal River. Montevarchi has a modest population of around 21,710. The village is rich in Italian history. In addition, it is home to the famous Prada factory. If you want to enjoy an exciting and fun-filled weekend, Montevarchi is great vacation destination. In your sightseeing, there are some monuments you should definitely visit such as the Collegiata di San Lorenzo, the Museo d'arte Sacra, Museo Paleontologico and the Chiesa del Giglio. You should also visit the Carmelo Librizzi, a lovely park filled with fascinating works of art.Youll easily find Montevarchi hotels all throughout the town. Many different types of conveniences are offered by the hotels in Montevarchi. With regards to discount hotels, Montevarchi has very reasonable rates. In Montevarchi, cheap hotels can easily be found at Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.