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Stia, east of Florence in Tuscany is a small town of around 3,200 known for its beautiful wrought iron. There is a market held in September for metalwork. This pretty community sitting on the Arno River grew in the Middle Ages with its small woolen factories. Today, for a weekend, Stia can provide you with many ways to explore its history and that of the nearby area. From hotels in Stia branch out into the countryside to see any of the many natural springs or visit the Santa Maria a della Grazie on the way to the Sieve Valley. Alternatively, stay in town and walk from Stia hotels to the Piazza Tanucci with its porticoed step roofs admiring the pink Parco del Palagio Fiorentino and stopping to look at the Fonte di Calcedonia constructed of stone and metal. If you wish to stay, check with for hotel availability. If you are on a budget, look for Stia cheap hotels or book discount hotels. Stia can then show you the Castello di Palagio with its garden statuary. The building now is home to various lectures and exhibitions. The Romanesque church of Santa Maria della Assunta houses a Madonna created by Andrea della Robbia. The Porciano Castle is also worth a visit with its towers from the 10th century. Here the poet Dante was held captive