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There are several towns named San Benedetto, but each is unique. Established alongside the Adriatic Sea, the town of San Benedetto del Tronto is invaluable to the Marche region of Italy as a seaport. But the town, fortunately for visitors to the country, doubles as a wonderful resort city. It is the second biggest city in the province of Ascoli Province with a population numbering 50,000. Using is a fast way to find Hotels in San Benedetto del Tronto that has a view of The Torrione, a tower that can be seen from anywhere in the entire city. Fruit trees and vineyards decorate the various hillsides and an inspiring view is guaranteed from any San Benedetto del Tronto hotels. But the views the San Benedetto del Tronto cheap hotels, some may suggest, are inspired for other reasons.A visitor to the region would be remiss not to see the religious and transcendant wonders of Ascoli Piceno one weekend, San Benedetto del Tronto being the right outside of them. In Castel Trosino exists one of few excavated 6th century necropolises. Also, the convent of San Domenico is a must-see because of the genius seventeenth century frescoes it houses. And finally, the Franciscan convent should be on any tourists itinerary because it was where Pope Sixtus V attended. After a tourist finds and settles in one of the many of the towns discount hotels, San Benedetto del Tronto can be a treasure trove of stirring and strangely rejuvenating sights.