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    Asti is a city found in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, which wonderfully preserves its medieval look and feeling through its towers, churches, buildings, historical center and festivals. Astis history reaches further back than the Middle Ages, however, and there are also remains that date to Roman times. The best way to visit Asti is on foot, walking through its narrow streets, stumbling into old town squares and historically important buildings. To take a trip through history for a weekend, Asti is excellent. Use to find the discount hotels that Asti has to offer; if not directly in Asti, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are a number of Asti hotels, so read reviews on the different hotels in Asti to find the one for you.The Torre Rossa (Red Tower) of San Secondo is one of the oldest monuments of the city, dating to the first century; it is said that this was the last place of imprisonment of San Secondo before his martyrdom. Adjacent to the tower is the Church of Santa Caterina, in Baroque style. Another old monument is the Domus romana, a private building that dates to Roman times. You should most definitely also visit the Cripta di SantAnastasio, which dates back to the 700s. Finally, every 3rd Sunday in September, you can check out the historical parade and the Palio, one of the oldest bareback horse races in Italy.