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Whether in the north or south, small towns in Italy tend to follow a similar structure – houses or hamlets surrounding the historic castle where the town’s rulers once lived. The historic center of Mancocalzati is no exception. Less than 4,000 people live in this small Southern Italian town in the Avellino province. But they are not the fist. Archaeological evidence proves that the town existed during the Iron Age of the 8th Century B.C.Much later, the town was a medieval fiefdom of the San Barbato, who lived in the town’s castle that is found in the San Barbato hamlet located in the historic center. Other medieval palazzi, or palaces, line the winding narrow streets. The 18th and 19th century architecture in the town includes lovely decorated portals. Some have been turned into Maocalzati hotels. Here at we can help you find budget Manocalzati hotels. For fans of Italian churches, there are two 18th century examples worth visiting; Saint Michael, whose belltower is actually from the 16th century, and the church of Saint Anna. Visit the local market