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      Alberobello is a town in the province of Bari, in the Southern Italian region of Puglia, or Apulia. It has become famous throughout the entire world as the classical town of the trulli, constructions created in the 16th century. Trulli were (and are) used as houses or storage spaces, built out of stones without the use of any cement or mortar; they have conical roofs. These very distinctive constructions have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage; indeed, they have become so popular that many inhabitants of Alberobello have decided to rent them out to tourists for a unique vacation experience.When visiting Alberobello, many of the important monuments are trulli constructions; for example, check out the Siamese Trulli, a very early example of this type of building, with two trulli interconnected. Youll also find the Chiesa a trullo di SantAntonio, a church built in the form of a trullo. Finally, there is the trullo Sovrano, the most sophisticated trullo design, with an elevated second floor. Not in trullo form, check out the Basilica Minore dei Santi Medici, built around the 1600s. For a very distinctive vacation spot for a weekend, Alberobello is the place for you. Visit to find the discount hotels in Alberobello; when staying in Alberobello, cheap hotels are a great way to save money. There are a number of hotels in Alberobello, so make sure to check out some info on Alberobello hotels to find the perfect one for you.