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Benevento is a province in the southern Italian region of Campania; it was originally inhabited by the ancient population of the Samnites. It is located in the heart of the southern Apennine mountain range. A number of mountain peaks together create the Dormiente del Sannio, a mountainous formation that has the appearance of a sleeping woman. The Cathedral in the capital city of the province, also called Benevento, is definitely worth seeing, as it was originally constructed before the year 780 and was later rebuilt. You can also visit the Hortus Conclusus, a botanical garden that originally belonged to a Dominican convent, but which today houses an outdoor art gallery. For some outdoor activities in a beautiful natural landscape, you can visit the Parco Regionale del Taburno Camposauro, located near the town of Melizzano. If youre in the region of Campania for a weekend, Benevento may be just the right place for you to check out.