Hotels in Melizzano

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Melizzano Details

For a funfilled, sightseeing weekend, Melizzano can be a great Italian destination. Located in the province of Benevento and just a few minutes from the city of the same name, the hotels in Melizzano offer proximity to the busy metropolitan life without the constant fast pace. Also, in terms of discount hotels, Melizzano is more likely to have affordable accommodation. While you are in Melizzano, be sure to admire the tourist attractions, including the Melizzano Palace and the 17th century castle in can help you find Melizzano hotels that make it easy for you to move about town and view the Church of S. Apostles Peter and Paul and the Sanctuary Maria SS. of the Free One, both interesting historical locations, as well as many other sights. Many Melizzano cheap hotels are available and provide amenities that make you feel right at home as you enjoy your quiet vacation in Italy.