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In the region of Benevento is where you will find the birthplace of Padre Pio in the Pietrelcina. The town atop of Valfortore, Italy is Pietrelcina. It is most famous for being the homeland of Padre Pio. Because of that, it has been a pilgrimage destination. You will find more religious sites and buildings in town yet there are a lot of medieval architectures to discover too. The House of Padre Pio is of course the most popular destination in this town. The churches you should check out are the medieval churches of S.Anna Church and Cappuccini Church. The Morgione is a castle in an ancient village where Devout father Padre Pio was christened in 1887. More sites await your weekend Pietrelcina vacation. Find hotels in Pietrelcina today. will help you find Pietrelcina hotels whether you seek for a cheap Pietrelcina hotel or a luxurious yet discount hotel Pietrelcina has to offer.