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    The province of Bergamo is located in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, or Lombardia in Italian. Part of the province is traversed by water, with the basin of Como Lake and the Adda River being found here, while another large part of the province is quite mountainous. Indeed, the province is known for its green hills and valleys, which attract tourists for outdoor activities in both the winter and the summer. Nature lovers will enjoy the numerous Natural Reserves and Natural Parks present in Bergamo. For some history, head to the capital city, also called Bergamo, which retains a great deal of its medieval heritage. Visit Palazzo della Ragione, constructed in 1183 and the Cathedral, originally built under the reign of the Lombards. You can also head to the city of Treviglio, where you can check out the Palazzo Municipale, built in the 1300's, and the Basilica di San Martino, a church that dates back to at least 1008. If youre in the region of Lombardy for a weekend, Bergamo attractions should definitely be on your to do list.