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Bagnatica is a town in the province of Bergamo, in the Northern Italian region of Lombardia. Its first inhabitants date to ancient times, but it was the Romans who ultimately established its importance. Mount Tomenone, which overlooks the town, was an excellent strategic point from which to observe the surroundings; the area is also rich in natural springs. The more modern part of town developed on the plain at the foot of the mountain. Bagnatica and the surrounding area offer a number of monuments that will delight tourists.You should visit the Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista, constructed in 1494; indeed, this church essentially forms the nucleus of the historical center of the town. The oldest church in Bagnatica, and the one richest in history, is the Chiesa di San Pietro, already in existence in the year 1014. Finally, the Castello Palma Camozzi de Gherardi Vertova in the area known as Costa di Mezzate is also worth a visit. Its origins are extremely ancient, but the first concrete evidence of its existence dates to around 1160. Take a trip through history for a weekend; Bagnatica is off the crowded tourist track and you can even look for hotels in Bagnatica if youd like to visit the city of Bergamo as well. Use to find Bagnatica hotels; Bagnatica cheap hotels could be a great way to visit the area and save money! Do your homework and check out reviews on the discount hotels Bagnatica has to offer.