Hotels in Boltiere

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Boltiere Details

Located about 40 km northeast of Milan, you’ll find the province Bergamo, situated at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Within this unique province, is the small village of Boltiere. Boltiere is very small, with a population of only about 5000 people. However, this lovely little village provides a true taste of small town Italian life. Just a few kilometers away is the town of Bergamo, where you'll likely make your home base, since Boltiere hotels are scarce. Bergamo’s upper city is a medieval town surrounded by defensive walls built in the 17th century.In the upper part of town you’ll find a 14th century Citadel and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a church whose construction began in 1137. Next to this church, you’ll find the Colleoni Chapel, an excellent example of Renaissance architecture. In the lower city, you’ll find a wonderful art gallery and plenty of authentic Italian cuisine. can help you sort out whether you wish to try and locate one of the few traditional hotels in Boltiere, or whether you want to stay in the larger town of Bergamo. This charming hilltop town is certain to be one of your favorite spots in Italy.