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Brembate Details

Brembate is a commune in Italy that is located in the province of Bergamo and in the region of Lombardy. This historic town is just thirty five km northeast of Milan. Brembate has a rich musical history and notes that the tradition of teaching music and singing has been ongoing there for over eight hundred years. There is also a popular folk dance that is well known to the inhabitants of the region and Shakespeares famous A Midsummers Nights Dream makes reference to the Bergomask dance which was named after the town of Brembate. The town of Brembate has two centres. Booking your hotel with will enable you to take advantage of both the upper city, called the Citta alta, as well as the lower city, or Citta bassa. There are cable cars and footpaths that connect the two parts of Brembate for travelers convenience. Tourists are cautioned that the traffic in the upper city is restricted to locals only on the weekend and parking spaces are very hard to find. Other places that you can visit from your hotel include the Citadel, the old square, the Colleoni chapel and the Castle that sits on the hill of SantEufimia.