Hotels in Grassobbio

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Grassobbio Details

Grassobbio is a small town in northwest Italy. Travelers enjoy the cheap hotels in Grassobbio because it is only about seven kilometers from the city of Bergamo and the Bergamo Airport. This makes it a convenient spot for people that want to get away from the busy city life. Travelers from Milan, which is about 50 kilometers away, often take a daytrip to visit this charming area. One of the reasons that people enjoy it so much is that it sits at the base of the Orobian Alps, which makes the views from the area simply beautiful.Budget hotels in Grassobbio and the surrounding areas make a great spot to relax after spending time in the Archaeological Museum of Bergamo. Another attraction in the area is the Donizetti Museum, which pays homage to the Italian musician Gaetano Donizetti, who was born in the area in 1797. Just three kilometers east of Grassobbio is another charming municipality named Bagnatica. It has some beautiful walking areas and vineyards that can be enjoyed in the Gate San Marco, which is a nature preserve. Overall, the town of Grassobbio in the Bergamo district of Italy offers a relaxed and slow paced vacation spot.