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Situated in the northwestern part of Italy, in the Bergamo Province, in the Lombardy area, lies the inviting town of Mozzo. Surrounded by forests, the soil is very rich for the Bergamo area vineyards. Mozzo has restaurants, bars and all the tourist-like amenities a traveler could ask for. If youre planning a holiday weekend, Moozo is the perfect place for your vacation destination. Mozzo is near the town of Bergamo which has a variety of area attractions if your interest is in Italys architecture and history. The Museo di Scienze Naturali e Museo Archeologico is rich in the archeology and natural science of the area. The Piazza dell'Accademia is a gallery of paintings by some of the areas well-known artists. The Cathedral of Sant'Alessandro has amazing baroque architecture as well as paintings from such fine artists as Previtali, Tiepolo, and Moroni.Mozzo hotels have some of the finest accommodations in the entire province of Bergamo. Hotels in Mozzo offer great amenities and your stay there will surely leave you with a memorable holiday. Looking for discount hotels Mozzo is very affordable. While staying in Mozzo, cheap hotels offer accommodations that can match the comforts found at the finer hotels. All the information you need to book your vacation plans is easily available at