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The city of Rota d'Imagna can be found in the province of Bergamo. Youll find this small city northwest of Italy in the Lombardy region. At present, it only has less than a thousand inhabitants. It is a quiet and relaxing city to visit. Its just a few minutes away to numerous tourist destinations from the neighbouring cities and towns. For less than an hour drive, you can go fishing and boat rides at Lake Como. In about twenty minutes from the centre, you can visit the medieval town of Bergamo. You can also enjoy and pamper yourself at the Wellness Centre located at SantOmobono Terme. You can take a bus tour to Milan or Bellagio and view the Romanesque buildings and churches as well as caves on the way there.Find out for yourself what a weekend Rota d'Imagna has to offer. lets you quickly find hotels in Rota d'Imagna. You can search and book Rota d'Imagna hotels online. You can also find cheap Rota d'Imagna hotels as well as the more expensive yet luxurious ones. Stretch your budget and opt for discount hotels Rota d'Imagna makes available.