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San Pellegrino Terme in the Region of Lombardy is widely known for Nestlés production of a mineral water called San Pellegrino. The water comes from three area springs in the areas aquifer and is mineralized by both volcanic rock and limestone. This city is part of a rich agricultural area in the middle of the northern Province of Bergamo. There are various sites to see and events to enjoy on weekends. San Pellegrino Terme and area offers many first class, as well as cheaper discount hotels. For a complete listing of San Pellegrino Terme hotels go to province with its capital city of Bergamo has 244 villages and is near the Orobian Alps. It includes the Brembana and Seriana valleys and flatlands in the south where grains, corn, flax and rice grow. This province is a busy tourist area because of its abounding nature, and historic art and culture. Bergamos main sites include about 1,800 works of art in the Bergamo Museum at the Accademia Carrara di Bergamo and Gallery of Modern Art. The Lombardy Region is widely known for its vineyards because of the popular wines produced. Local industry in this region includes production of concrete, marble, iron, tractors and clothing.