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Scanzorosciate, Italy is a small village located in the Bergamo province, and just outside the city of Bergamo. Scanzorosciate has a patron saint, Saint Rocco, and is nestled at the foot of the Orobie Prealps mountains. It is a lovely setting, made up mostly of green vineyards. The village is famous because of all the different varieties of wine that are produced and manufactured inside its borders. Scanzorosciate is full of history for such a small place. The center of the village has quite a few historical and even sacred buildings. The newest parish church is graced with paintings by Palma il Vecchio and Francesco Zucco. The old parish church has even more art. There are frescos by Ocelli, sculpture by Fantoni, and an altar piece by Talpino.When/if you venture into Bergamo, you will want to take note of the Accademia Carrara, a 200 year old art gallery located outside the town wall. You will find many interesting and delicious foods served at the restaurants in Scanzorosciate and the surrounding areas. Pizza is a specialty, and there are many different types – from gorgonzola pizza to apple pizza. You'll also find quite a few varieties of pasta. Hotels in Scanzorosciate and Bergamo are scattered here and there around the area. can help you make sure you have a cheap hotel already booked before your trip begins. Your hotel will please you, just as everything in Scanzorosciate will please you, too.