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Telgate, with a population of around 4,700, is in Lombardy in the north-west of Italy. For a jaunt on a weekend, Telgate can provide visitors with several interesting attractions to visit. After using to obtain lodging in hotels in Telgate, tourists can visit the parish church S. Giovanni Batiste on the Piazza Via Veneto. The town celebrates S. Giovanni Batiste, their patron saint with a festival in May. From Telgate hotels, visitors can also join in the celebrations or walk to view the Church of S. Giuliano. Built in the 15th and 17th century, it features a stone bell tower. There is also the Menzo-Bonetti Villa with its substantial gardens. A visit to the Library on the Piazza Alpini provides glimpses of Telgates past. Its present is being the home to three of the largest companies in Italy.Telgate can act as a jump-off point for several nearby places, including Salla, Ogna, Villa. You can use the Austrada Milano-Brescia to visit the big city of Bergamo or travel to closer destination, after arranging for accommodations in Telgate cheap hotels. If you manage to obtain rooms in discount hotels, Telgate will act as an anchor for day jaunts to Bolgare to see the Sanctuary or Madonna dei Campi or to Chiuduno to visit their parish church (La Chiesa Parrochiale) consecrated in 1743