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The Bergamo province is located in the north of Italy and includes the town of Verdellino. The town is just 12 kilometers from the city of Bergamo and just 40 kilometers from Milan. Booking a budget hotel in Verdellino would put you in a great location for exploring the rest of the region. From your discount Verdellino hotel you can easily visit the cities nearby as well as the Dolomiti Mountains and the Lake Region.The first mention of the town in written history dates to 1010, though archaeological finds date early settlements to the Roman era. One of these relics can be found at the Parish Church of Saint Ambrose. It was built in the 17th century originally, although it was renovated in 1890. When you visit the parish house, walk around to the outside back wall. You can see a piece of a Roman engraving that is embedded in it. Another church, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Olmo, dates from the 16th century and contains some beautiful frescoes.