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The province of Biella is located in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, or Piemonte in Italian; it became operational in 1995. The northern part of the province is enclosed by the Prealpi Biellesi (the foothills of the Biella Alps), while the western part is delimited by a chain of hills. A large part of the province is included in the Baragge - Bessa - Brich Zumaglia - Mont Prève Regional Natural Reserve Park. This province has been a popular destination for religious pilgrims since ancient times; the Sacro Monte of the Virgin Mary at Oropa, a sanctuary located in the mountains of Biella, became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. Besides this famous sanctuary, the province also includes the Santuario di Graglia and the Santuario di San Giovanni dAndorno. You can check out the small town of Castelletto Cervo to see the Castle that dominates the landscape, built around the year 1000, and the Romanesque monastery dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul, built most likely around the 11th century.