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Malalbergo Details

Ironically, the name Malalbergo translates literally as ‘bad hotel.’ But don’t let that name stop you from looking for budget Malalbergo hotels on The town has plenty of good hotels, and will give you the details on the best choices. Malalbergo is located in the Emilia-Romagna region in the province of Bologna, just 30 kilometers from the city of the same name. Visitors will enjoy the flat, easily negotiable streets of Bologna during a day trip from Malalbergo, returning to the small town charm of Malalbergo in the evenings.Archaeological evidence from the area has shown that the Etruscans once lived there before the Romans established the colony of ‘Bononia’ there in 189 A.D. As late as 1992, the remains of the Roman colony were still being discovered. To the west of the town, there was also the city of Mutina. To the east, the city of Claterna is still buried. To the north of the city, the rivers of Po and Reno offer splendid natural scenery, as do the Appennini Mountains to the south.