Hotels in Rifugio Santa Croce (Santa Croce Shelter)

    Rifugio Santa Croce (Santa Croce Shelter) Details

    Badia tourism is heavily centered on outdoor sports and spending time in nature, thanks to its privileged position among the Dolomite Mountains. Many tourists who flock to Badia enjoy hiking up into the mountains, both to reach beautiful natural landscapes and to experience the culture of the mountain people living in the area. All throughout the Dolomites, there are mountain shelters aimed at giving hikers a rest stop, but also at bringing them into contact with others who share their interests and with local people.One of these shelters is the Rifugio Santa Croce, located next to the Santuario di Santa Croce, at the foot of the gigantic western wall of the rocky mass known as the Sasso della Croce and at an altitude of about 2000 meters. The shelter itself is an excellent place to get to know the locals and to taste the wonderful local cuisine. Locals may also offer to give you a ride on their snowmobiles. The original sanctuary next to which the shelter was built probably dates to the 11th century, though the current church was consecrated in 1484. It is a destination for many religious pilgrims and processions departing from various villages in the entire Badia Valley.