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    Bressanone is a city in the Alto Adige region of Italy that has a decidedly German nature alongside its Italian nature. The northern part of town is the business district, while the southern part of town has a decidedly more “spiritual” feel. The city is over 1000 years old and was an important ecclesiastical principate; indeed, it was only secularized in the 19th century. The Episcopal seat was then moved from Bressanone, or Brixen (in German), to Bolzano. If you’re looking for a touch of interesting history in one weekend, Bressanone is the place for you. Use to find the discount hotels Bressanone has to offer; if not in Bressanone, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. Since there are a number of interesting Bressanone hotels, read up on the hotels in Bressanone to choose one that will satisfy you.Bressanone offers tourists many entertaining activities. There are a number of festivals held throughout the year, where you can see typical Bressanone customs and dress, food-tasting feasts, sporting events, and theatrical street representations. As far as sightseeing, check out the Cattedrale di Bressanone, an impressive Baroque-style church that was originally constructed in the 1200s. You should also visit the Palazzo Vescovile, which houses the Diocesan Museum. There’s also the Forte di Fortezza, an Austrian fort, constructed in the 1830s. There are a number of castles in the area that should be visited as well, including Castel Velthurns.