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Among it’s other tourist draws that bring individuals in for the weekend, Merano is the home of a well known health resort and the largest on the south side of the Eastern Alps, complete with all the amenities you can conjure and its own Merano hotels. Many people visiting the resort take advantage of the thermal springs in the area. Of course, there are also a number of Merano cheap hotels to choose from, which also give visitors the opportunity to check out a number of attractions. For example, some of the hotels in Merano are located directly off the outflow of the River Passirio, which is the general location of the town of Merano.You’ll also enjoy the view of the Adige Valley, which is broad and sprawls out from the Vel Venosta, another large valley near the town. Many people come to the area in hopes of staying in discount hotels. Merano is not known for these services, but with the help of, you can easily find something to meet your budget.