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Check out the city of Sale Marasino in the region of Lombardy in the Brescia province. A small city with over 3,000 inhabitants, it promises an enlightening weekend. Sale Marasino will surprise you. To discover the art, culture, and tradition of the city, a few of the places to go is the Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria o della Madonna della Neve di Gandizzano, a quattrocentesca church with Neoclassic architecture. Another church is the Chiesa di S. Antonio Abate which was built in the 1400s. To learn more about the city, go to Pro Loco Sale MarasinoYou can experience Sale Marasinov first hand. Search for hotels in Sale Marasino now. allows you to browse the various Sale Marasino hotels at the comfort of your home. Check out bargains and discount hotels Sale Marasino has to offer. Search for cheap Sale Marasino hotels to stretch your budget. Go ahead and begin your search today.