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      Cagliari is a large town located in the region of Sardegna, of which it is the capital city. Cagliari is a city with a great deal of history behind it, having been founded by the Phoenicians and then conquered by the Romans and the Carthaginians. One of the main attractions of Cagliari is the Bastione of Saint Remy, which was built by a nobleman of the same name from Piedmont in the 1800s. A visit to the Castello is also a must when you travel to Cagliari; the Castello is one of the ancient areas of the town and its entrance is still marked by the presence of ancient Medieval doors.Moreover, Cagliari is rich in architectural masterpieces, such as the Basilica di S. Saturnino, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria. Cagliari is also a very popular destination for the summer; the Poetto is indeed the main Cagliari beach which extends for eight kilometers, from Sella del Diavolo to Quartu Sant’Elena. If you want a place to spend a relaxing and interesting weekend, Cagliari is definitely the place for you. Visit and check out how many discount hotels Cagliari has; moreover, in Cagliari, cheap hotels are abundant! There are different types of Cagliari hotels; get some information on this site on hotels in Cagliari and decide which one suits you the best.