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      The origin of the name of Quartu Sant'Elena came from the mother of Emperor Constantine. The place boasts of its old churches such as the Church of Sant’Elena Imperatrice. It was built before 1500s and now stands in Neo-Classic influences. Oldest among churches in the place is Santa Maria Cepola which was believed to have been constructed during the late 1080s. Apart from churches, enjoy a fulfilling weekend. Quartu Sant’Elena is the perfect choice. You can continue your tour by going into its famous museum, the Sa Dom’e Farra. You can find different Sardinian handiworks in the museum. Moreover, you can also see materials and tools of the peasant people during the 1600s. Today, people from the town call it the “House Museum”.Make your stay meaningful by staying at Quartu Sant’Elena hotels. Hotels in Quartu Sant’Elena are convenient as they can be found all over the town. Enjoy great hospitality even at discount hotels Quartu Sant’Elena has to offer. If you wish to spend more on other important things, Quartu Sant’Elena cheap hotels can be easily located in