Hotels in Uta

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Uta Details

Uta is located in the Sardinia region of Italy and its name means swampy. can help travelers book hotels in Uta for a week or weekend. Uta offers the Church of Saint Maria, a limestone chapel that tradition holds is near waters that has miraculous effects. Right on outskirts of town is a reservoir of the Arcosu Mount that is dedicated to the preservation of the Sardinian red deer.But the real reason travelers should look for the discount hotels Uta has to offer is for its natural surroundings. The Oasis of MonteArcosu, a forest with its running rapids, granite wonders, and a multitude of varying species of animals And tourists should try to book Uta cheap hotels for this still very enchanting, untamed section of the town. Uta hotels are also near to the town of Cagliari where the Sardinian Archaeological Museum is located, the biggest collection of prehistoric relics native to the region.