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Once an ancient fishing port, Termoli, Italy is located directly on the Adriatic Sea and now is a beach resort town. The beaches in town and in the surrounding area have many great restaurants and discount hotels. Termoli has some of the best that can be found on For a weekend, Termoli is an excellent base for a visit to the Tremiti Islands which is part of the Parco Nazionale del Gargano, a national park. The islands have a history of a number of earthquakes, thus hotels in Termoli are safe distances from these unpredictable islands.Termoli cheap hotels are great places to stay while visiting the Castello Svevo, a structure that used to be part of a huge wall surrounding the entire city, but only the castle has been restored. The Borgo Vecchio, the center of town is as it was in the past with its tiny medieval designed streets. Termoli hotels are also near the Cathedral of Termoli, a church that had to be restored due to the earthquakes that originated from the Tremiti Islands in ancient times. The Islands and Termoli are for the adventurous at heart and worth a visit.