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    Carbonia-Iglesias is an Italian province located in the hills of Sardinia. This area is best known for its mining of zinc, silver, and lead. Sulfuric acid is also distilled during the mining processes in Carbonia-Iglesias. There are several historic attractions in this province that most visitors to the area will want to make time to see. One of these is the Iglesias Cathedral. Built in 1288, it is a lovely example of Gothic architecture. The Church of San Franceso was built in the 15th century, and is another attraction that is well worth the time it takes to pay it a visit. You will also want to see the Giardino Montano Linasia while in Carbonia-Iglesias. This is a popular nature reserve, which also contains a botanical garden. Restaurants in Carbonia-Iglesias serve typical Italian meals, which are hearty and satisfying.