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The province of Caserta is located in the southern region of Campania. In the north, the province is bordered by the Apennines, while the center contains more modest-sized peaks and hills. The provinces capital city, also called Caserta, houses one of the most well-known and popular Italian monuments, the Reggia di Caserta (the Royal Palace of Caserta). Built to compete with the palace at Versailles, it was one of the largest buildings constructed in Europe in the 18th century; it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can head to the historical center of the capital to take a walk through Casertavecchia (old Caserta), the part of the city that still retains its medieval streets and buildings. Since Caserta has quite a bit of coastline, the area is also known for its beaches and summer getaways. One of the more famous beach locations is Baia Domizia, found in the Gulf of Gaeta, which has attracted European elite since the 1960's. If you happen to find yourself in its vicinity for a weekend, Caserta is a fun place to visit.