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Bellona, a small commune in the province of Caserta in Italy, is one of the finest attractions you could ever hope to visit if you’re the type of travelers who gets a kick out of history and architecture. Besides the beautiful country landscape, visitors here can marvel at the resplendent La Reggia palace, one of the last Baroque palaces ever constructed. Inside the palace, be sure to get a look at the famous marble staircase, featuring 116 steps carved from a single unbroken block of stone. Of course, if you get tired of being indoors, the magnificent gardens of La Reggia and the famed Avenue of Statues make for a great outdoor is undoubtedly the best source for information about discount hotels in Bellona. With a small town like this, you really have to know your stuff in order to get the best rates. That’s why you should rely on EasyToBook’s trusted expertise, so that you can relax and focus on your stay.