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In the province of caserta, in the south of Italy, the town of Capua is found 25 kilometers from Naples. Tourists may be confused by the town’s name and location, as the ancient town of Capua was actually located where the modern day Santa Maria Capua Vetere is found. That Capua was actually destroyed in 841 AD by the Saracens, but is famous for the well-preserved Roman amphitheater that remains. So although there have not been any Roman remains found within the boundaries of modern-day Capua, there have been such discoveries all around the town, some of which date as far back as the 7th century B.C.The Roman remains include a variety of items. There are a number of tombs, some with chambers that still have their original frescoes. Many vases have been found that date to the Etruscans. The Tabula Capuana, an Etruscan terracotta tablet, was found here, and is now in a Berlin museum. The town’s walls, the Arco di Adriano, the western gate called the Porta Romana, and the remains of a public bath house are all found in the grid of Capuan streets laid out in a rectangular formation. will help you to find a discount Capua hotel, or a bargain hotel in one of the surrounding towns.