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Mondragone Details

Mondragone, one of the most famous cities in the Caserta province of Italy when it comes to architecture and history, has a variety of attractions for the interested tourist to marvel at. Stroll on over to the avenue of statues, where you can see some beautiful marble carvings of famous Italian figures, and then top it off with a visit indoors to the fabulous La Reggia, an ancient palace in the Baroque style. Within its hallowed halls, you’ll see such sights as the famous marble staircase, a 116 stair marvel carved out of a single block of marble, totally unbroken. Don’t forget the hall of the body guards either, where delightful sculpture from regional artists is on perpetual display.Mondragone is one of those cities where it can be somewhat hard to come by a quality discount hotel. In fact, if you come in off the street, chances are you’ll find nothing. Why not leave it up to instead Our experience guarantees that we’ll get you the best rate, every time.