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      According to legend, a sea nymph fell in love with a shepherd named Aci; the horrible Cyclops Polyphemus, though, became enraged with jealousy, for he loved the nymph and she wanted nothing to do with him. He killed the shepherd and dismembered his body; nine towns with the prefix Aci were founded where the body parts fell. The second part of the town of Acicastello’s name is given by the impressive castle built in black lava rock, constructed in Norman times on a huge boulder jutting out from the sea. Today, the castle houses the Civic Museum.Acicastello is found on the coast of Sicily, in the province of Catania, and a large number of tourists visit the area for the beautiful beaches and water, located mainly in the section of town called Aci Trezza. Check out the area of the Faraglioni, large boulders jutting out from the water in the vicinity of the coastline, as well as Lachea Island, on which ancient tombs have been found. Both the Faraglioni and Lachea Island form an important nature reserve, containing a very unique ecological and geological environment. For a beach vacation immersed in tons of history for a weekend, Acicastello is the place for you. Visit to find the discount hotels Acicastello offers; when staying in Acicastello, cheap hotels are a great way to stay on a budget. There are a number of Acicastello hotels, so read some reviews on hotels in Acicastello to find the one for you.